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Hello from Fixperts, an ever-growing world-wide network of clever, generous people who use their imagination and skills to solve immediate, everyday problems for others.

Fixperts works with schools, universities and companies to encourage people to be resourceful. Thousands of Fixperts all around the world have used and grown their skills to improve the daily lives of the people they meet.

The world needs people who can solve problems

Fixperts is a simple method that unlocks creative problem-solving skills to get the world fixing problems, small and big.

Excite creative people with making skills to fix things for others …

Fixperts embark on a process which engages all their creativity and resourcefulness.

… make a film about it …

The process includes making a film that documents the process from start to fixed.

… and inspire others to do the same.

People might become Fixperts themselves, or maybe they’ll be inspired to solve the next problem they find.

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The Fixperts blog

Think somethings gone wrong with design education? This is a call out for all design-interested learning-loving action-oriented socially-motivated nice-to-be-around people who have the time and enthusiasm to help us build a dream. Read on for details of specific opportunities.

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School children embark on a Fixperts project

Fixperts are making some surprising inroads into the UK schools system. 

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If you are an undergraduate student or tutor who has been part of a Fixperts project we want to hear about it! Once again we are asking for your fantastic FixFilms for the 2017 Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award. This open international competition rewards creativity in people-centred design across all disciplines. Key criteria are the benefit to the Fix Partner and the quality of the storytelling. The winner will be announced at the prestigious Helen Hamlyn Awards ceremony during the annual RCA Graduation Shows.

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