Calling all Fixperts projects! The RCA Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Awards 2023 are open.

We know you’ve been busy and we can’t wait to watch your fantastic Fix Films!

You are welcome to submit films for this year’s awards. Submit by 20 August 2023

To all our Fixperts friends in over 50 universities, in more than 20 countries, please join! The Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award, is an acknowledgment of the incredible work carried out by Fixperts all around the world. The prestigious award champions human-centred design across all disciplines and is open to all Fixperts projects completed with a film in the last 18-months.

The Helen Hamlyn judging panel will be looking at each project for the following criteria – the relationship with the Fix Partner, ingenuity of the solution and the quality of the storytelling. Above all they will be looking for extraordinary projects which positively impact on the Fix Partners daily life with a focus on health, access, the ageing community and social benefit. The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design is a global leader in Inclusive Design, Design Thinking and Creative Leadership, working with government, business, academia and the third sector. 

Deadline for submission: 20 August 2023

Complete the submission form with information on the project and the people involved. Please remember if you’re not using your own music, you need to have permission to use it or use copyright free music. 

2022 Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award Winner

Winner! Spiral Tripod for Iddo

Iddo is a husband, father, adventurer, architect, designer and a wheelchair user. Fixperts from HIT design and test a support which allows Iddo to lift himself from the ground into his wheelchair.

Fixperts: Omri Steinmetz and Yoav Dagan
Fix Partner: Iddo Gruengard
Fixperts Tutors: Prof. Gad Charny and Dana Yichye Shwachman
Education Institute: Holon Institute of Technology
Country: Israel

The judges commented: “The judges unanimous winner. An interesting and challenging problem. Good engagement and testing. Great prototyping and solution was well resolved.”