Because the world needs fixing

Fixperts is a learning programme responding to our changing world. Started as a passion project it’s grown to be a robust and agile framework.

Conceived and run by the people at Forth – a community interest company built by award-winning researchers, designers and educators who believe in the power of creativity as a tool for social change.

Equipping future changemakers

We’re helping build the next generation of change makers, inventors and dreamers. We want to ensure their hands are skilled and their hearts and minds are engaged.

Building social connections

Each Fixperts project is made real by prototyping – whether with sticky tape or a 3D printer – and builds skills. But the exceptional power of the project is rooted in the human connections between Fixperts and Fix Partner.

Innovating toward a better future

Innovation relies on the ability to imagine alternatives; our planet relies on them being mindful of social and environmental constraints. Fixperts elevates resourcefulness and ingenuity above heroic invention.

Award-winning, classroom ready

Fixperts has been recognised for innovation in education. Most recently the Sir Misha Black Award for Innovation in Design Education was awarded for advocating the role of design and ‘applied creativity’ as a tool for improving the world around us.

Celebrating achievements and values

We showcase and celebrate the amazing and ingenious work being produced by young Fixperts from all around the world. This work has won awards (RCA Helen Hamlyn and RSA Pupil Design Awards) and been exhibited worldwide, from London to Milan to Tokyo.

A powerful network

Over 50 universities have run the Fixperts programme worldwide. We work with schools, museums, research and third sector organisations to share knowledge, train teachers, write papers and produce research that responds to our changing world.


The Fixperts programme is run by Forth, a research lab, creative consultancy and social enterprise; this allows it to draw on incredible expertise, from education and informal learning, to the creative and cultural industries and beyond. While there’s no full time staff and only ad-hoc funding to maintain and develop the free resources, there’s a loyal crew who have stuck with the programme over years as Fixperts has gone from strength to strength.

Daniel Charny

Co-founder and Creative Director/Forth

Professor of Design, industrial designer, one-man evangelist for the importance of making in our future lives, Fixperts was born out of Daniel’s frustration with design and engineering students lacking basic understanding of materials, processes and people. Daniel’s commitment to the importance of linking imagination with skills, and ideas with hands-on experimentation, has powered his activity as a design educator, curator and consultant. Daniel is Fixperts creative coach and international ambassador.

Dee Halligan

Co-founder and Managing Director/Forth

A seasoned strategist and senior manager for the big cultural players who engage the public imagination, such as the Science Museum and the National Trust, Dee’s focus is laser sharp: to deliver real value and make real impact. Sounds simple! Under her direction we’ve set the ambition high for Fixperts and are clear about the path ahead. Broad appeal and a sustainable future await.

Lea Jagendorf 

Schools Associate

Lea is an evangelical design educator who has deep experience of devising and delivering interesting, engaging and innovative ways of making design a relevant and exciting part of learning in schools.

Minnie Young

Schools Associate

Minnie (or Ms Young to you) is an experienced school teacher and head of department, who we’ve enticed away from her classroom and into our creative studio. Minnie leads on our teaching resources and teacher training offer. 

Amy Bicknell

Communications Associate

Amy is a communications and partnerships expert. Her arrival to the project has ushered in a new era as the project grows up and scales to reach more young people and school children. 

Chanida Fung

Learning and engagement lead 

Chanida joined Forth at the end of 2020 to work on the Horizon 2020 ‘Make it Open’ research project. She is passionate about science communication and in the final stretch of her PhD! at the University of Reading. 

Maya Alvarado

Fixperts facilitator

Maya’s grown with us as an organisation. She did Fixperts as a design student, became the first Fixpert-in-residence at Benchmark Furniture and now brings all that experience to facilitating Fixperts in universities and schools.

Gareth Owen Lloyd 

Fixperts facilitator

Gareth is the equivalent of a Multi-Tool if it were ever to become a person. He was head of making at FixCamp and when he is not teaching, making, organising or building he runs Machines Room, a maker space in London. 

Koby Barhad

Voluntary advisor (graphics)

Koby is an adventurous communication designer whose willingness to exchange his skills for little beyond the feel-good factor got us through the early days of Fixperts development. His interest, generosity and ‘always on’ working style are an inspiration. 

Jim Rhodes

Voluntary advisor (digital)

Jim is an interaction designer, web developer and entrepreneur . When he was less successful he made sure that Fixperts had an online life way beyond its means. Now he’s our top go-to for guidance on all things digital.

James Carrigan

Co-originator – Fixperts

Daniel and James originated Fixperts together in 2012 when they commissioned the first 5 films. James’ energy and drive in the pilot and launch stages were key to the dynamic character of the project. He is our greatest conspirator and relentless ambassador. James is the co-founder of the wonderful Sugru.

Expert volunteers, alumni and early stage collaborators

Alon Meron, Freddie Yauner, Lara Miranda Muchin, Nat Hunter, Rebecca Davies, Ruby Steel, Grace Bremner, Emily Ballard, Caz Owen, Sally Spurring have all helped us on our way. 

Project and event volunteers


Charley Pothecary, Jake Rich, Joe Sanchez, Lucy Barouillet, Yariv Ziv, Rachael Holmes, Georgia Cottington, Claudia Espart Hernandez and Nola Charny have all contributed what they could when they could. Maybe you’d like to join them? If so get in touch

Fixperts supporters and friends



Fixperts is dedicated to Ami Drach


An inventive maker, Professor Ami Drach exemplified the social, technical and creative values that this project is all about. Always ready to apply his ingenuity to improvise and fix things, his unparalleled openness, kindness and generosity brought a deep empathy to every interaction.