Shortlist announced for the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Awards.

Celebrating creativity in human-centred design across all disciplines, the Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Awards is now in it’s seventh year… and it has definitely been a bumper year. We have seen an amazing set of entries from all across the world including Japan, Australia, South Africa, and the UK to name a few. The ingenuity, empathy and innovation which we’ve seen from the entrants has been truly inspirational and it has made it a very difficult task to create such a small selection for the shortlist.

We’ve selected 15 projects from the submissions which all enable richer lives for the Fix Partners, and tell the story beautifully. The projects focus on health, disability, ageing and bring social benefit to the community. The winner will be announced at the prestigious Helen Hamlyn Awards ceremony in London, on Monday 1 July, during the annual RCA Graduation Shows.

Congratulations to all that have made the shortlist! Below you can view all of the projects and hopefully be inspired to begin your own Fixperts story!

Garden Tool Grip for Thala

11 year old Thala, lost her fingers as a result of a fire. Fixperts work with her to create a tool so that she can work independently in the garden.
Fixperts: Elinor Tal and Nevo Fryd
Fix Partner: Thala
Education Institute: Holon Institute of Technology
Country: Israel

Handle for Kay

Kay has arthritis which makes it harder to open her front door. Fixperts from NCAD work with Kay to create a device which makes the process easier.

Fixperts: Adam Barker, Aaron Conneely, Brian Conway and Laurence MacDonald
Fix Partner: Kay
Education Institute: National College of Art and Design
Country: Ireland

Mobility Scooter Platform for Margherita

RMIT collaborated with MPavilion as part of their community engagement design intervention, MPROJECTS. Fixperts at RMIT worked with Margherita to enhance her motorised scooter and make it easier to use on a daily basis.
Fixperts: Marcel, Luke, Jon and Todd
Fix Partner: Margherita Coppolino
Education Institute: RMIT University
In collaboration with: MPavillion

Pain Patch Device for Paula

Paula struggles to reach her back to put on her pain relief patches. Fixperts at Escola Massana help her by creating a special device which she can use independently.
Fixperts: Julia, Tomas, Max and Patri
Fix Partner: Paula
Education Institute: Escola Massana
Country: Spain

Peg Dressing System for Jordi

Due to his reduced mobility, Jordi struggles to independently put on his favourite jackets. The Fixperts at Escola Massana developed a peg system which hold his clothing for him while dressing.
Fixperts: Isabel Pinyol, Oriol Torra and Ivon Zavala
Fix Partner: Jordi Torra
Education Institute: Escola Massana
Country: Spain

Picking Up Cane Tool for Keiko

Keiko has difficulty when picking up flat objects on the floor, such as coins and cards, after she had a hip replacement surgery. Fixperts from Hosei use high tech digital processes to create a tool for her to use.
Fixperts: Ryo Ushida, Yuki Matsuoka and Taiga Sanjo
Fix Partner: Keiko Matsuoka
Education Institute: Hosei University
Country: Japan

Ramp for Omer

Omar uses a wheelchair and needs assistance from people to get up and down a step. Fixperts from Holon Institute of Technology built a mobile ramp he can use by himself completely independently.
Fixperts: Perach Pieterse and Asa Elbaz
Fix Partner: Omer Zak
Education Institute: Holon Intitute of Technology
Country: Israel

Rocket for Reece

Reece’s oxygen dependency means that he relies on a carer at school to carry it around whilst he learns and plays. Fixperts from Kingston make a case for his oxygen tank, giving him independence and freedom to move around the classroom.
Fixperts: Jacob Marks, Eleanor Murphy, Esme McGregor and Shuyin Wang
Fix Partner: Reece
Education: Kingston University
Country: UK

 Saucepan attachment for Clive

After Fix Partner, Clive, suffered a stroke he was unable to use one of his arms. Fixperts from Ravensbourne University create an ingenious solution to make using a saucepan that little bit easier.

Fixperts: Calum and Jamie
Fix Partner: Clive
Education Institute: Ravensbourne University
Country: UK

Sleeping device for Glenda

Fixperts from Brunel University create a wearable device for Fix Partner, Glenda, to use whilst she sleeps to prevent and Epileptic seizure.

Fixperts: Diana, Laurie, Luca, Joe, Ollie, and Paramveer
Fix Partners: Paul and Glenda Lomas
Education Institute: Brunel University
Country: UK

Sleeve Clips for Gerald

After an unfortunate accident which resulted in a double hip and knee replacement, Gerald relies on crutches to move around. Fixperts at Brunel designed and made a device to help resolve one of Gerald’s most frustrating daily encounters.
Fixperts: Oliver Maszlin, Alexander Burgstaller, Sophie Morelli, P. William Dixon, William East and Eva Sobonova
Fix Partner: Gerald
Education Institute: Brunel University
Country: England

Standing Sticks for Gerrie

Gerrie struggles to stand up unaided and her husband has to help her which is putting strain on his back too. The Fixperts at Tshwane found a double handled approach that really worked!
Fixperts: Jaco Oosthuizen, Heinrich Olwage and Resego Lerumo
Fix Partner: Gerrie Pretorius
Education Institute: Pretoria Tshwane University
Country: South Africa

Sound Blocks Holder for Rie and Megumi

Rie and Megumi are the musical therapist for children with intellectual disability. There is a popular music instrument names Sound Block, but it is not easy to handle and require two assistants to support to play. That’s where Fixperts at Hosei came in to help solve the problem.
Fixperts: Shunsuke Ami, Naoto Sekiya, Yushi Matsuo and Yuki Mochizuki
Fix Partner: Rie Imamura, Megumi Kakei
Education Institute: Hosei University
Country: Japan

Urban Farming Cart for Hitoshi

Fixperts at Kyoto Institute of Technology create a cart for Fix Partner Hitoshi to use whilst farming to make the process more efficient.
Fixperts: Liro Laine, Shiroi Uematsu, Kento Toji, and Yuki Hayashi
Fix Partner: Hitoshi Tazuru
Education Institute: Kyoto Institute of Technology
Country: Japan

Writing Assist for Ann

Fixperts at RMIT design and make a writing implement for Ann, a retired doctor with an Essential Tremor.
Fixperts: Yechen Zhu, Junxiong Huang and Wen-Jui Chang
Fix Partner: Ann
Education Institute: RMIT University
In collaboration with: MPavilion
Country: Australia