New resources for Fixperts in universities and schools

Fixperts has been running in universities since 2013 and through this period we have learnt invaluable insights from the tutors running the programme.

We’ve recently had conversations with some of them and a new resource has emerged. Using the tutors knowledge and our expertise we have distilled the Fixperts learning programme into nine top tips.

If you haven’t ran Fixperts in your institution before or you’re looking for some additional guidance then the Top Tips for Fixperts will aid your planning and guide students in creating successful and worthwhile projects.

Download the Top Tips for Fixperts and see the headlines below. We’ve also made a slide presentation version.

If you’re interested in running Fixperts and have not had a go yet, we suggest that you create a free membership where you can download various teaching resources and toolkits including the University Guide, Introduction to Fixing Presentation, Finding a Fix Partner and more. Visit the Join page for more information and to sign up.