Fixperts is exhibiting in internationally acclaimed exhibition in Milan.

We’re super excited to be included with Broken Nature, a thematic exhibition curated by Paola Antonelli of Museum of Modern Art, New York. A total of nine Fixperts projects will be featured with each ingenious idea on display. Projects have come from all around the world, each telling the story of how they’ve worked with a Fix Partner to find a solution to an everyday problem. The ideas are wide-ranging and include tools, wearables, storage and transport.

The XXII Triennale di Milano, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, highlights the concept of restorative design and studies the state of the threads that connect humans to their natural environments––some frayed, others altogether severed. In exploring architecture and design objects and concepts at all scales and in all materials, Broken Nature celebrates design’s ability to offer powerful insight into the key issues of our age, moving beyond pious deference and inconclusive anxiety.

Broken Nature will run from 1st March – 1st September 2019.

A Sockhorn for Edna, 2013

Dan and Sophie help Edna gain much needed independence by being able to put her own socks on.
Mild steel, rubber tube, paint
Fix Partner: Edna
Fixperts: Dan Jackson, Sophie Both
KSA Kingston University, UK

Baby Carrier for Dror, 2015

Orit was born without a hand, which makes it hard for her to get to grips with a baby carrier. This team of Fixperts work with her and new baby, Dror, to find a solution.
Fabric, from, webbing, aluminium alloy buckles
Fix Partner: Dror
Fixperts: Guy Bar-sinai, Daniel Slowes, Guy Palombo
HIT Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

Bebento display for Mr Nakagawa, 2017

Mr Nakagawa is a shoe repairman in his 70s. He moves location every day, and it takes him 40 minutes to set up his stall every time. Fixperts from KIT help Mr Nakagawa to speed up this process.
Laser cut wood, webbing, moulded plastic
Fix Partner: Mr Nakagawa
Fixperts: Gaishi Kudo, Madoka Yagi, Urara Nakayama, Ah Hyeon Kim
KIT Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

Bicycle transport for Hayashi, 2016

Hayashi picks up bicycles with flat tyres and walks them back to his shop to be fixed. Fixperts from KIT design a system that helps him transport the bikes faster and more comfortably.
Aluminium, rubber, paint, castors
Fix Partner: Hayashi
Fixperts: Toshiki Mitani, Natsumi Wada, Haruko Arai, Takayuki Kitakata
KIT Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

Bottle Opener for Milly, 2012

During an inclusive design innovation workshop at Imagination, Fixperts use 3D printing to help Fix Partner Milly.
3D printed plastic
Fix Partner: Milly
Fixperts: James Turner
Imagination Ltd, UK

Button Fastener for Tom, 2015

NCAD in Dublin has become a firm friend of Fixperts and films like this are one of the reasons why. At 82 Tom lives independently but has one problem – rheumatism in his hands makes it hard to do his buttons up.
Wire, mouldable Fimo
Fix Partner: Tom
Fixperts: Aaron Nooney, Marie Kelly, Ally Morehead, Aidan Judd
NCAD National College of Art and Design, Ireland

Co-Knit Miyun Road Neighbourhood Centre, 2018

Tongji University Fixperts team up with Fix Partners at MiYunRoad Neighbourhoud Centre 2018.
Cardboard, plywood, cotton, printed paper
Fix Partner: MiYunRoad Neighbourhoud Centre
Fixperts: Yifang Bao, Yijiang Niu
Tongji University, China

Garden tool for Thala, 2018

Inspiringly awesome garden tool grip for 11 year old Thala who lost her fingers as a result of a fire.
3D printed plastic, plastic foam, elastic
Fix Partner: Thala
Fixperts: Nevo Fryd, Elinor Tal
HIT Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

Heidi’s Utensils, 2016

Fixperts Resident Maya Alvarado, based at Benchmark Furniture, designs bespoke cooking utensils for 16-year old Heidi who has cerebral palsy. The Loop Spoon, Figure of 8 Scraper and T-Spatula help to stir easily, apply pressure and maintain grip.
Solid, laminated wood
Fix Partner: Heidi
Fixperts: Maya Alvarado
Fixperts Benchmark Residency, UK