We are very excited to announce the winner of the RCA Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award!

Once again we received an amazing selection of inspiring films from undergraduates from around the world. The films included a diverse mix of projects with ingenious solutions from computer mouse aids to support pillows. We were overwhelmed by the quality, inventiveness and story telling from everyone who submitted a film. Thank you to all of the tutors, Fixperts, Fix Partners and Fix Film makers for contributing and sharing your stories. We also thank the RCA HHCD Jury, chaired by their Director Rama Gheerawo for selecting the winner and presenting the award at the Royal College of Art.

Watch all of the shortlisted films here on our YouTube channel and see below for the full list.

The winner: Code colour for blind user

Fixperts at Escola Massana in Spain created a labelling system for Guillermo so that he could independently identify the colours of his clothes when getting dressed and doing washing.

Fixperts: Núria Gómez, Clara Masià and Natalia Boned
Fix Partner: Guillermo
University: Escola Massana, Spain
Tutor: Diego Ramos
Watch here

Runner Up: Bebento display for Mr Nakagawa

Mr Nakagawa is a shoe repairman in his 70s. He moves location every day, and it takes him 40 minutes to set up his stall every time. Fixperts from KIT design and made a storage system for Mr Nakagawa which helped speed up this process.
Fixperts: Gaishi Kudo, Madoka Yagi, Urara Nakayama, Ah Hyeon Kim.
Fix Film Maker: Gaishi Kudo.
Fix Partner: Mr Nakagawa
Educational Institute: Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
Watch here

Runner Up: Mastectomy pillow for Audrey

Audrey had breast cancer 7 years ago and although she made a good recovery she still experiences sleeping problems. Fixperts from NCAD in Ireland developed a pillow which would support Audrey whilst she sleeps, providing a restful night.
Fixperts: Annie Moriarty and Gavin Connell
Fix Partner: Audrey Byrne
Tutor: John Paul Dowling
University: NCAD Dublin, Ireland
Watch here

Shortlist: Computer Mouse Support for Callum

Callum couldn’t use a computer mouse due to an injury. Fixperts from Brunel University design a support which allows him to use the mouse whilst maintaining precise movement and control.
Fixperts: Ewan McShane, Eben Budd, Alex D’Souza, Malav Patel, Andrew Nagel-Smith and TJ Mander
Fix Partner: Callum Goodall
Film Credit: Alex D’Souza
University: Brunel University, UK
Watch here

Shortlist: SafeStroll for Eli and his kids

Fixperts at HIT worked with Eli a father with two children on the autistic spectrum to design and make a bespoke double harness.
Fix Partner: Eli Lubitch
Tutor: Gad Charny
University: Holon institute of Technology, Israel
Watch here

Shortlist: UK plug puller for Clive

Amy and Haesoo from Ravensbourne University created a clip which sits over a standard plug to allow Clive to remove it with ease.
Fixperts: Amy Ly and Haesoo Cho
Fix Partner: Clive
University: Ravensbourne University London, UK
Watch here

Shortlist: Stand assist for Ouma

Fixperts from TUT in South Africa developed an ingenious device which helped Ouma stand up out of a chair.
Fixperts: Jaco Oosthuizen, Heinrich Olwage and Resego Lerumo
Fix Partner: Ouma
University: Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa
Watch here

Shortlist: Co-knit MiYunRoad Neighborhoud Centre

Tongji University Fixperts team up with Fix Partners at MiYunRoad Neighborhoud Centre 2018
Fix Partner: MiYunRoad Neighborhoud Centre
University: Tongji University, China
Watch here

Shortlist: A Geyser Collar for Mrs. Agnihotri

Mrs. Agnihotri has paralysis in her foot. She needed to climb up a small stool to reach the geyser in her bathroom, which was dangerous as the floor was slippery, so Fixperts Kalyani, Deepesh and Savishtha develop a personalised solution for her.
Fixperts: Kalyani Tupkary, Deepesh Pancholi & Savishtha Yadav
Video Editor: Salil Prikh
Fix Partner: Mrs. Agnihotri
University: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India
Watch here

Shortlist: Crayons for Timon

Timon would like to be able to draw just like his brothers, but holding a pencil is difficult for him. Fixperts from The Netherlands experiment with lots of different ideas until they can find a solution!
Fixperts: Claire Stringer, Anoukk Duits, Ashley van de Wardt, Hanna van de Kamp
Fix Partner: Timon
University: ArtEZ Hogeschool van de kunsten
Watch here