We are very excited to announce the winner of the RCA Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award!

This year we received a fantastic selection of inspiring films from undergraduates across nine countries. The films included a real mix of projects with ingenious solutions from spoons to door openers. We were overwhelmed by the quality, inventiveness and story telling from everyone who submitted a film. Thank you to all of the tutors, Fixperts, Fix Partners and Fix Film makers for contributing and sharing your stories. We also thank the RCA HHCD Jury, chaired by their Director Rama Gheerawo for selecting the winner and presenting the award.

Watch all of the shortlisted films on our YouTube channel and see below for the full list.

The winner: ‘A Spoon for Gabi’
Fixperts at Kingston University gave Fix Partner Gabi independence by making a tool to allow her to feed herself.
“The HHCD jury commented on the attentive engagement with the Fix Partner, the choice of an issue with real daily and personal benefit, as well as on the inventiveness of the solution. And all of this in a delightful film that captures the story of the people and the fix. The high level of empathy, intelligent design process and compelling communication made this the winner of this year’s award. Congratulations to the students, Fix Partner and teaching team for this inspiring achievement.”
Fixperts: Philip Sutton, Tabatha Pearce-Chedier, Rachel Yang and James Caldwell.
Fix Partner: Gabi
Bedelsford School: Eleanor, Clare, Amber, Jessica and Julia.
Tutors: Maya Alvarado, Alex Hellum, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez
University: Kingston, UK
Watch here: http://bit.ly/SpoonforGabi

Gabi using spoon

Runner up: ‘Coat assist for Eric’
The Fixperts team make a devise which helps Eric, who has Parkinson’s disease, to put on his coat.
Fixperts: Alise, Abu, Caitlin and Pret
Fix Partner: Eric and Belle
University: Brunel, UK
Watch here: http://bit.ly/CoatAssistforEric

Runner up: ‘Farming tool for Ohno’
Fixperts at KIT in Japan helped Ohno, a 70-year-old farmer, improve his daily work life through a safe and low cost tool.
Fixperts: Cheryl Ho, Milena Kaneko, Sotarou Tanaka and Takuji Yoshida
Fix Partner: Ohno
University: Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
Watch here: http://bit.ly/FarmingTool

Runner up: ‘Door opener for Yinon’
Barkai and Merav make a simple product so that Yinon can open doors safely whilst in his wheelchair.
Fixperts: Barkai Dagan and Merav Asherian
Fix Partner: Yinon
University: HIT, Isreal
Watch here: http://bit.ly/DoorOpener

Shortlist: ‘Respirator holder for Doris’
Fixperts at Coburg University invented a mount that allows Fix Partner Doris get in and out the car easily and store her respirator safely while driving.
Fixperts: Sophie Burg, Lukas Lorey, Andrea Ruff and Sussane Weiskopf
Fix Partner: Doris Stieb
University: Coburg University, Germany
Watch here: http://bit.ly/RespiratorHolderforDoris

Shortlist: ‘Specialised gloves for Amador’
Fix Partner Amador has been working on his chestnut stand since 1958 but has had some problem with his equipment. The Fixperts team help solve his problems and in the process make a safer working environment.
Fixperts: Iason Spanos, Irene Paltré and Valeria Ustarez
Fix Partner: Amador
University: Escola Massana, Spain
Watch here: http://bit.ly/GlovesforAmador

Shortlist: ‘Dog lead for Barbara’
Barbara has bad eczema on the palm of her hands, the strain of the dog leads irritates her eczema due to the strain. The Fixperts at Kingston enhanced her dog walking experience.
Fixperts: Jake, Ben, Sabrina, Locks & Serena
Fix Partner: Barbara
University: Kingston, UK
Watch here: http://bit.ly/LeadforBarbara

Shortlist: ‘Bleach bottle opener’
The Fixperts team make Maurice a clever bottle opener for difficult and stiff safety caps.
Fixperts: Ben, Caitlyn, Peter, Toby and Michael
Fix Partner: Maurice
University: Brunel University, UK
Watch here: http://bit.ly/BottleOpenerforMaurice

Shortlist: ‘Hodor’s Handle’
The Fixperts team at NCAD University create a solution for mobility using seat belts & stitching for Fix Partner Graham.
Fixperts: Philip Broadbery, Eoghan McMahon & Liam Traynor
Fix Partner: Graham Bolger
University: NCAD, Ireland
Watch here: http://bit.ly/HodorsHandle

Shortlist: ‘Bulletin Board Tool for Junko’
A team of engineering and design Fixperts made Junko a helpful tool that allows her to insert and remove tacks easily from a bulletin board.
Fixperts: Akira Okumura, Kabuto Obara and Yuki Masuda
Fix Partner: Ms Junko Kobe
University: Hosei University, Dept. of Engineering and Design, Tokyo, Japan
Watch here: http://bit.ly/ToolforJunko

Shortlist: ‘The Golden Group’
The Fixperts at ECA created an MP3 player for the people at Cherry Road Centre. The device promotes engagement through a variety of interactions.
Fixperts: Billy Dixon, Joseph Revans and Joanna Spreadbury
Fix Partner: The Cherry Road Centre, Golden Group
University: ECA, Scotland
Watch here: http://bit.ly/GoldenGroupFixperts

Shortlist: ‘Interactive drawing Board for Glen’
The Fixperts at Kingston University have created an interactive board to help stimulate Glen and motivate him with his daily activities.
Fixperts: Elliot, Bonnie, Nat and Kajal
Fix Partner: Glen
University: Kingston University
Watch here: http://bit.ly/GoldenGroupFixperts

Shortlist: ‘Smart paper dispenser’
Hadar and Bat-el made a paper dispenser which allows children to take paper safely and independently.
Fixperts: Hadar & Bat-el
Fix Partner: Oz Elementary School
University: HIT – Holon Institute of Technology, Israel
Watch here: http://bit.ly/GoldenGroupFixperts

Shortlist: ‘Hang and Handle Cane for Yalel’
This Fixperts team create a more ergonomic walking stick for Fix Partner Jalel to make it easier to use in his day-to-day life.
Fixperts: Brendan Lyons, Iqra Azeem and Jake Reid
Fix Partner: Jalel
Education: A New Direction
Watch here: http://bit.ly/GoldenGroupFixperts

Photo courtesy of Gesine Garz and HHCD

Written by Amy Bicknell