We’re up and running!

FixEd is the think-and-do tank concerned with inspiring and equipping creative, ingenious and generous problem solvers around the world (especially, though not exclusively, Fixperts).

It’s already two months since our launch and all our long-requested options for getting involved are now live. Subscriptions are building and there are new partnerships available for organisations who want to get serious. We’re now full of plans for 2018! Get involved by signing up on the website or contact us directly if you have other ideas (we love other ideas..)

Resources on STEM Learning

We’ve teamed up with STEM Learning to offer their huge audience of STEM and D&T teachers access to Fixperts. We’ll be launching them in January with a feature on their blog but you can get an early start now!

Follow us!

Our FixEd channels are the newbies on the block – help us grow them!. While Fixperts Twitter looks at films, FixEd will be surveying education policy, who’s leading the way and why creative problem-solving skills are so important.

Our latest Fix FIlm comes from students at NCAD in Dublin.
They ease Gabrielle’s day-to-day life through a clever design for her car.

Nesta’s 5 ways to become problem-solvers

Our co-founder at FixEd, Dee Halligan, keeps a watching brief on all things future related, so this event about 21st Century skills at Nesta last week was essential. FInd out how you too can make impact.

Barclays Eagle Labs

We’ve just completed two sessions for educators at Barclays Eagle Labs Brighton. And been super impressed by Barclays’ moves into makerspaces, linking hands-on skills with entrepreneurial thinking.

Fix theme of the month: Food

Not so much the food itself, but Fixperts many ingenious solutions to problems we face around food preparation, eating and serving. Check the list out here – it’s full of inspiration whether you’re an educator or a student, or someone who wants or needs a fix. Share it on!

‘Helping Hand’ Fixperts Dennis, Mario and Julia from the Universität der Künste, Berlin,
use 3D printing to create a device for Mia to use during meal times.