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FixEd is a volunteer-led initiative which relies on supporters who share our vision.


Our partners include universities, schools, makerspaces, museums and organisations interested in the future of creativity, design and innovation. Sound like you? Get in touch!

An inspiring and practical session. The workshop helped me reevaluate how I teach the design process and I will definitely be using Fixperts’ techniques with all age groups.

D&T teacher, Kings College Girls School, Wimbledon

Thank you Fixperts! Definitely a way of thinking that we want to embed in our

Teacher, Bradley Stoke Community School, Olympus Academy Trust. Bristol

This model for social engagement has provided an unprecedented learning experience, and established a strong ethical framework amongst Brunel design students.

Professor of Design, Brunel University

Research and insights

We work with like-minded organisations, producing research and sharing insights that respond to our changing world.

Fixperts training

Our training programmes develop confidence in design thinking and practice and are available for teachers or your local community.

FixCamp support

Breaking away from curriculum FixCamp offers young people a chance to explore and develop their design thinking and hands-on skills.

Competitions and awards

We’re interested in highlighting and celebrating the amazing, ingenious and innovative work that we see from young people all year round.

Our partners

Case studies

Our story: Fixperts in universities

The FixEd story starts with Fixperts. In 2012 we turned a lot of good intentions into 5 films. We planned to encourage designers to use their skills to solve problems for others. Now run in over 30 universities worldwide, Fixperts success at engaging young people with the issues of our time is evidenced with an archive of over 450 films from over 20 countries.

Cited in papers as an unparalleled learning tool, winning design awards, and evaluated as being effective in terms of its impacts, its origins in academia anchor us as we grow these good intentions further into a range of programmes and further our mission through FixEd think and do tank. So come on what are you waiting for? Join us.

Our story: Fixperts in schools

Energised by our success in design schools worldwide, in 2015 we found ourselves thinking about the potential of working with younger learners. Being serious about the creative problem solvers of tomorrow means working with anyone from future designers and inventors, to future engineers and technologists, future doctors and mechanics.

From Rochdale to Bristol learners and teachers have responded incredibly to our schools formats. And in 2016 a UK examination board approached us to feature Fixperts centrally in a new STEM Technical Award at GCSE level.

We’re making inroads, but it’s not enough and not fast enough. Join us and be part of making it happen.