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Fixperts is simple but powerful, joyful and totally unstoppable. Be part of it!

Look at all the ways you could get involved. So what's stopping you?

Get your university involved

Universities around the world are running Fixperts projects, often as part of their assessed programmes. They're changing peoples lives - why don't you join them?

Run Fixperts in your school

All schoolchildren should be Fixperts! We're keen to get our programmes into more schools - why not download our free schools resources and get in touch?

Improve your worklife

Fixperts is a powerful tool to connect people to each other and to the things they make every day. The power of Fixperts in the workplace is still being revealed.

Partner with us

If your organisation values creative thinking and resourcefulness we could be a match! Talk to us about ways we might work together to do good in the world.

Get in touch

Join our volunteer team

Fixperts is a not-for-profit organisation which continues to rely on volunteer input and support. If you feel you can help, get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself and what you can do.

Donate to Fixperts

We have big plans for Fixperts, which will bring our programmes to young people in the UK and all around the world. All donations, however small or large, will help us do that.

Be a Fixpert, find a Fix Partner, make a Fix Film.

Someone with
insight into a problem

A person with a problem worth solving, who is happy to share insights and take part in telling the story of the fix.

We call them Fix Partners.

Someone who
can fix stuff

A person who wants to apply their imagination and skills to solve a problem for another person.

We call them Fixperts.

Someone who
can tell a story

A person who can capture the tale of the fix and tell it to the world. While expert film making is not required, enthusiasm is essential.

These are Fix Film Makers.