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Some of our all-time favourite films

After many prototypes by the Fixperts at Kingston University Virginia finally has an inventive solution to help her put on and secure her bra.
Bra Aid for Virginia
Long reach Thumbtack tool for Junko
Children at the Little Specials centre find it hard to play together. Fixperts from Brunel work with carers to encourage collaborative play.
Group Interaction Toy for Little Specials Nursery
Tal’s Perfect Ponytail Hack
Book Pillow for Monica
Helping Hand

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

Cross-generational teams combine insight and ingenuity to solve the small daily problems that come with ageing.

A sockhorn for Edna
Nobuko runs a dry cleaning store but finds lifting bundles of clothes is becoming a challenge. The Fixperts at KIT come up with a bespoke Hanako containers
Hanako containers for Nobuko
Button Fastener for Tom
Die Kloßteigretter (Dumpling dough stirrer) for Mrs Hofmann
Food Tray for Mrs Ellis
Matters of the Hive
Cutlery Extension for Moisés
Window Opener and Toilet Flusher for Nicole

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