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Some of our all-time favourite films

Reacher for Mona
An inventive book shelver crafted by the Design Products Fixperts for the librarians at Kingston School of Art
Book shelver for librarian Sue
A Needle Threader for Alena
Long reach Thumbtack tool for Junko
A Dog Lead for Barbara
A Dog Lead for Barbara
Doris loves driving around but she suffers from COPD which means she needs her respirator handy all the time. Fixperts at Coburg University invented a mount that allows her to get in and out the car easily and store her respirator safely while driving.
Respirator holder for Doris

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

Great projects with people who overcome daily challenges of living with disabilities and impairments. We love these teams.

Handsfree Mirror for Gil
Handsfree Mirror for Gil
Basketball Gloves for Mor
Children at the Little Specials centre find it hard to play together. Fixperts from Brunel work with carers to encourage collaborative play.
Group Interaction Toy for Little Specials Nursery
Dog walking made easy for Sarah who uses a wheel frame when she is out and about. By the Fixperts at Kingston University, England.
Fixing for Two
Yoav is an Olympic swimmer in the Paralympics. He needs to eat six pitas a day but finds it impossible to stuff them as he can't perform fine motor skills with his right hand. Fixperts invent a pita holder for him so he can make as many as he likes.
Pita holder for Yoav
Matan has never before sat up by himself, the Fixperts at HIT in Holon Israel work with his family to find a friendly solution.
Chair for Matan
Tablet Holder for Lee
Hodor's Handle (for Graham)

We have fixes from 21 countries so far.

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