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Universities have made Fixperts their own

Over 25 universities around the world run Fixperts and engage their students by working with real people and real needs. More then half have included it as part of their assessed curriculum.

Fixperts has worked with universities all over the world to instil the next generation of makers with the desire and tools to design for social good.

A Fixperts project asks students to explore the world outside of their classroom walls in order to find people with problems worth fixing. Using their ingenious design, prototyping and making skills, they create solutions that make everyday life a little better for their Fix Partners.

Universities have told us: it’s working for them

Independent evaluation has confirmed what tutors have been telling us since we started: Fixperts works to improve both technical skills and social outcomes for students.

Kingston University, United Kingdom

"The engagement with Fixperts has provided a valuable learning experience and a platform to achieve a meaningful social contribution within a local context."

Design Tutor

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan

“The eye-level communication with the user is really valuable. You learn a lot about how to communicate with the person you are designing for. This is not so common in other parts of the course.” 

Fixperts student

National College of Art and Design, Ireland

“One of the big things which is good for the students is the international dimension: sharing, getting your things out there. Students getting 20,000 views. This is massive.” 

Design Tutor

Fix Films from universities

Our Fix Film archive contains hundreds of amazing projects from students around the world. Get inspired and add your own.

Fixing and making: Fixperts in universities are collaborating with Fix Partners of all ages and abilities in order to overcome everyday difficulties. We love these teams.

Ulli, who is paralyzed since his youth, worked with the Fixperts at Coburg university to improve his everyday life by refining a tool to read his newspaper mostly on his own.
Newspaper page turner for Ulli
Rüdiger is paralyzed on the left side of his body and his left hand is still not doing what it should. Applying toothpaste is difficulty he faces every morning. The Fixperts at Coburg University helped by building a plug for the overfill slot in his sink where he can now easily place his brush and apply the toothpaste without his shaking left hand.
SINK-O toothpaste tube holder for Rüdiger
Doris loves driving around but she suffers from COPD which means she needs her respirator handy all the time. Fixperts at Coburg University invented a mount that allows her to get in and out the car easily and store her respirator safely while driving.
Respirator holder for Doris
Dorle suffers from Parkinson's and has some barriers in her daily routine. Sh loves to going out, but finds it hard to put on make up properly anymore. That's the problem she asked the Fixperts from Coburg to fix.
Make up for Dorle
There are some issues roasting the famous Coburger Bratwurst. Fixperts form the university designed new tools, which make it safer and easier to flip the sausages.
It's all about the Coburg Bratwurst

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