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Tallinn Design Festival Award 2015

Awards Written by Daniel Charny

Tallinn Design Festival 2015 is collaborating with Fixperts, a creative social platform and design education programme, to create a bespoke international Fixperts Award which will be formally announced and celebrated at the TDF Gala event.

The application call was open to any Fixperts project that uses design to solve a real life situation and demonstrates clearly how design can be used to improve quality of life. 

The winners were invited to Tallinn Design Festival DISAINIÖÖ to receive the award at the gala event. 

We’re over the moon about this year’s Fixperts Helen Hamlyn Award winner! The 2015 award was open to students who have contributed to the incredible range of projects of over 150 FixFilms from 17 countries now online. This year’s outstanding award-winning film is….

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In my convoluted role as educator, designer, maker and writer, I have been slowly watching an evolution within design practice. This view has grown out of piecing together clues, including Fixperts, Sugru and Faraworkshop, like one of those super cool, overly taciturn Scandinavian detectives. 

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In this blog I want to explore two interrelated themes in the Fixperts story thus far: ownership of the ‘fixes’ (the outcomes of the collaborations), and their potential wider applicability beyond the collaboration through which they were generated. These two themes are related because if a fix is deemed to be successful, thoughts quickly turn to if and how it might be applied to other users and other scenarios.

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