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Event Written by Lea Jagendorf

A presentation on Fixperts education given at the Fixperts Super Salon Conference at Stanley Picker Gallery, 25th June 2015


All-day drop in

Half hour rotation

Sequence of 3 whole day workshops


Primary school & families

Secondary (14-19)

Mixed ages (drop in days)


Institute of Imagination, London

Gallions Primary School, Beckton

V&A Museum Creative Quarter

Sedghill School, Lewisham (Secondary)


Structuring a Fixperts project in schools - Outline

Understanding how products solve problems

Learning to identify a problem

Observation and conversation – developing the ability to emphasise with others

Trial and error - exploring, modelling and testing possible solutions

In the case study below we demonstrate how we used these outlines as a guide to develop a bespoke offer for a primary school.

Where we want to go

Partnerships with Universities – students in to schools to support Fixperts projects

D&T GCSE / A + AS Level – Connection with examination boards

Fixperts Project format for schools, run independently in-house with support.

Fixperts Schools Award (Design Museum)

& Deutche Bank Design Ventura model)

Primary school projects (Gallions Model)


Building connections with schools and possible partnerships with universities

Developing a new format for Fixperts, different from HE - Key concepts need to be introduced gradually – no counting on prior knowledge

Working within schools’ constraints (Timetabling, curriculum and examination requirements, overstretched teachers, reluctance to move from familiar models, assessment)

Case Study: Integrating the Fixperts philosophy in to a given theme -

Series of 3 workshops with Gallions Primary School, Beckton, in collaboration with Institute of Imagination

Using a step-by-step approach, we built a series of workshops responding to the school’s request to work with children and their families around the theme of Health and Wellbeing.

These steps were:

Understand how objects solve problems by analyzing existing products.

Develop observation skills and the ability to identify problems in their own world, by charting ‘A Day in My Life’ and noting areas they think may benefit from improvement.

From these, extracting three main areas and working on ideas to address these problems, using sketching and simple modeling.

Experimenting with a chosen idea as a viable product, by naming it, explaining and presenting it to others, and by experiencing the possibilities of more advanced prototyping through 3D printing, integrating electronics, etc.


I’m cold! It’s raining! I can’t reach!


Analysing products, what problem they solved and how they solved it


A Day in My Life sheet


A child’s design of an Airobrush, addressing children’s reluctance to brush their teeth ‘because it’s not fun’.


Brussel-sprout football, encouraging children to eat vegetables through play – if you suffer a goal, you eat a sprout!


The Bee Bottle – helping children drink more water during the day


Tzise – a pedal chair that powers you telly – if you don’t pedal, your telly won’t work!


Lea Jagendorf is a designer and a design educator, with an MA in Graphic Design from the Royal College of Art in London, and a PGCE in Design & Technology from Goldsmith University of London. 

Lea will soon be heading up Fixperts learning as we develop the programme and reach new audiences. Lea’s education work involves developing interesting, engaging and innovative ways of making design a relevant and exciting part of learning in schools.

Dr Adam Drazin, Professor of Anthropology at UCL, gives his round up of the Fixperts Super Salon ‘think tank’ which took place at Kingston University's Stanley Picker Gallery, London on 25th June 2015.

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The end of June saw Kingston University’s Stanley Picker Gallery host the first ever Fixperts gathering; a two-day “Super Salon” of fixing and talking about fixing by Fixperts, Fixpartners and fixhopefuls (as I’ll optimistically call myself). I attended the second day, during which we were treated to a series of presentations by those who had organised or participated in Fixperts projects since its foundation in 2012.

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In October 2014 FIxperts was invited to participate in the Lodz Design Festival.

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