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Some of our all-time favourite films

Prosthetic grabber extension for Roi
Hand prosthetic grabber extension for Roi
Sun and the Fixperts of Johannesburg invent and make a grow station that can be watered even when the gardeners are away for a while.
Grow lab for Sun
Foridha’s Chair
Hand Prosthesis grabber extension for Roi
Hand Prosthesis grabber extension for Roi
Heidi's Canoeing Expedition
Reacher for Mona

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

All of our films, across all categories.

Thingking fixing together
A Spoon for Elad
Invisible People
Victoria And The Pigeons
Walking Stick Clips for Pepita
The Windy Window
An inventive book shelver crafted by the Design Products Fixperts for the librarians at Kingston School of Art
Book shelver for librarian Sue

We have fixes from 21 countries so far.

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