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Some of our all-time favourite films

Noodle machine users confidence building for the Morohashi Noodle Factory owner by independent Fixperts in Tokyo. Part of a set of six project commissioned for The Fab Mind, by 2121designsight, Japan
Noodle Factory
Portable Closet for Juliette
Amir wants to use peddling & walking prosthetics but can't straighten his knee. Fixperts - Open Source Designers Eran Apelbaum and Ronen Leibmann developed an efficient strap & buckle harness kit to help him exercise and stretch his tendon.
A knee flexion contracture kit for Amir
Tal’s Perfect Ponytail Hack
A Dog Lead for Barbara
A Dog Lead for Barbara
Fixperts project by Lewis that combines conversations while designing and making a reacher to help with daily tasks
Reacher for an elderly woman with Polio condition

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

Recognised for the positive impact on Fix Partners lives and for the quality of story telling in their films.

The Right Trousers
A bespoke spoon for Gabi
A spoon for Gabi
About Fixperts
A 3D printed bracelet that helps Mia hold a fork.
Helping Hand
Donal was paralysed in a rugby accident when he was 16 which left him without the use of his hands, he has not written for 15 years until we designed a writing aid for him.
Pen Holder for Donal
Button Fastener for Tom

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