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Some of our all-time favourite films

Sarrisha is missing almost all her fingers so she struggles to open jars and use utensils. Fixperts make her a knife holder and jar clamp.
Knife and Jar holders for Sarrisha
Portable Closet for Juliette
Ye olde Fixperts introduction film
Sun and the Fixperts of Johannesburg invent and make a grow station that can be watered even when the gardeners are away for a while.
Grow lab for Sun
About Fixperts
Basketball Gloves for Mor

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

Projects available for others to make versions for themselves. Open knowledge and sharing at their best.

Foridha’s Chair
DIY up-cycled silkscreen Football Kits with the Fixperts of University of Johannesburg
DIY Football Kits
The Skills Village team work with Fix Partner Sun to rethink, reorganise, recycle and reuse oh yeah and create a new hub where you can re-place waste. In Johannesburg, South Africa.
Waste Management (skills village)
Dog food cover for Archie
A Fix for Noisy Hostel Door
Boiler Fix

We have fixes from 21 countries so far.

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