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Some of our all-time favourite films

A Baby Carrier for Dror
Long reach Thumbtack tool for Junko
Maya the Fixperts resident at Benchmark Furniture modified a nail clipper with Sugru so that the grip area is easier to manage.
Nail clippers grip Sugru hack
Foridha’s Chair
Sun and the Fixperts of Johannesburg invent and make a grow station that can be watered even when the gardeners are away for a while.
Grow lab for Sun
Nobuko runs a dry cleaning store but finds lifting bundles of clothes is becoming a challenge. The Fixperts at KIT come up with a bespoke Hanako containers
Hanako containers for Nobuko

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

Ingenious and thoughtful solutions using materials and hacking existing things in unexpected ways.

A bespoke spoon for Gabi
A spoon for Gabi
Walking stick hook for Ash
Walking stick hook for Ash
A Wallet For Boaz
3D Printed Clip for Or's Cruthches
3D Printed Clip for Or's Cruthches
Prosthetic grabber extension for Roi
Hand prosthetic grabber extension for Roi
Bicycle Transport roller for Hayashi
Book Pillow for Monica
Accessible SmartPhone Cover for Nir

We have fixes from 21 countries so far.

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