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Matan has never before sat up by himself, the Fixperts at HIT in Holon Israel work with his family to find a friendly solution.
Chair for Matan
Children at the Little Specials centre find it hard to play together. Fixperts from Brunel work with carers to encourage collaborative play.
Group Interaction Toy for Little Specials Nursery
Nappy Changing Kit for Bo
A Baby Carrier for Dror
The Right Trousers
Neck support for Alana

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

Ingenious and thoughtful solutions using materials and hacking existing things in unexpected ways.

Sun and the Fixperts of Johannesburg invent and make a grow station that can be watered even when the gardeners are away for a while.
Grow lab for Sun
Sarrisha is missing almost all her fingers so she struggles to open jars and use utensils. Fixperts make her a knife holder and jar clamp.
Knife and Jar holders for Sarrisha
A smart paper towels dispenser for a centre of children with special needs by the Fixperts of Holon Institute of Technology in Israel
A smart paper towels dispenser
Marina has Degenerative Scoliosis which gives her back pain and reduced mobility. Fixperts at Escola Massana in Barcelona prototype an ingenious thermal support.
Thermal back brace for Marina
After many prototypes by the Fixperts at Kingston University Virginia finally has an inventive solution to help her put on and secure her bra.
Bra Aid for Virginia
A Wallet For Boaz
Bicycle Transport roller for Hayashi
Book Pillow for Monica

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