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Noodle machine users confidence building for the Morohashi Noodle Factory owner by independent Fixperts in Tokyo. Part of a set of six project commissioned for The Fab Mind, by 2121designsight, Japan
Noodle Factory
A Set of Utensils for Heidi
Mono-cone for Natasha
Rüdiger is paralyzed on the left side of his body and his left hand is still not doing what it should. Applying toothpaste is difficulty he faces every morning. The Fixperts at Coburg University helped by building a plug for the overfill slot in his sink where he can now easily place his brush and apply the toothpaste without his shaking left hand.
SINK-O toothpaste tube holder for Rüdiger
Book Pillow for Monica
A bespoke spoon for Gabi
A spoon for Gabi

Categorising all these fixes is impossible

But we gave it a go.

Great projects with people who overcome daily challenges of living with disabilities and impairments. We love these teams.

Arm Rest for Bella
Amir wants to use peddling & walking prosthetics but can't straighten his knee. Fixperts - Open Source Designers Eran Apelbaum and Ronen Leibmann developed an efficient strap & buckle harness kit to help him exercise and stretch his tendon.
A knee flexion contracture kit for Amir
Ulli, who is paralyzed since his youth, worked with the Fixperts at Coburg university to improve his everyday life by refining a tool to read his newspaper mostly on his own.
Newspaper page turner for Ulli
Daniel Has limited reach and requires support to help him eat independently. The Fixperts at Holon Institute of Technology Make him a non slip easy to clean eating aid surface.
Eating aid surface support for Daniel
Tal’s Perfect Ponytail Hack
The Right Trousers
Marina has Degenerative Scoliosis which gives her back pain and reduced mobility. Fixperts at Escola Massana in Barcelona prototype an ingenious thermal support.
Thermal back brace for Marina
Neck support for Alana

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