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Why we’re here

We’re helping build the next generation of designers, engineers, inventors, technologists, artists, dreamers and change makers. We want to ensure their hands are skilled and their hearts and minds are engaged.

Encourage creative problem solving

Innovation relies on the ability to imagine alternatives. We imagine a generation that see the journey from problem to solution as an adventure.

Develop empathy

Fixing for someone is a personal thing; it's inspiring, motivating and sometimes difficult. Working in a team further builds understanding and care.

Build resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after difficulty; it’s a necessary foundation for any successful creative endeavour. Fixperts build resilience through fruitful failure.

Work with real people,
with real needs

Each Fixperts project is made real - whether with sticky tape or a 3-d printer. But the exceptional power of the project becomes apparent when the real life Fix Partner uses it.

Promote sharing
and Open Access

Sharing ideas and exchanging know-how openly can help speed change and innovation. When this means sharing inspiration, ideas and know-how that improve peoples lives, we’re all for it.

Where do Fixperts projects happen?


Anyone with imagination and a basic level of making skills can take up the Fixperts challenge. The guidelines are free and all you have to do is put your team together. 


Creative tutors and students around the world have leapt to the Fixperts challenge - running anything from three day workshops to term-long projects.


We’re really excited about the programmes we’ve developed for kids and teenagers. We’ve got DIY resources for primary and secondary schools, and sometimes we work to support their delivery.


Fixperts has partnered with organisations in different ways, from talks, workshops and residencies to awards and challenges. Get in touch to figure out if we can do something together.

Fixperts supporters

We're deeply grateful for the support we've had so far. From organisations and individuals, experts and novices, near and far, their support sends us the message that Fixperts is powerful, effective and necessary.

The team behind the idea

Fixperts around the world are making a real difference to real people.
It takes a real team to keep them going.

Daniel Charny
Founder and director

Daniel co-founded Fixperts in 2012 and has pushed it with a kind of squirrelly determination just about every day since. His background as an industrial designer and design educator and his deep commitment to the critical importance of imagination and skills have powered the development of Fixperts to date. He now acts as Creative Director. 

Dee Halligan
Managing Director

Dee joined as Managing Director when Fixperts viral popularity threatened to overwhelm the volunteering team and bring the project to a halt. Her strategic nous and management savvy have made the path forward clear and the delivery of the Fixperts vision a lot more likely.

Lea Jagendorf
Schools lead

Lea is an evangelical design educator who is set on bringing the Fixperts message to pupils, teachers and schools nationwide - resistance is futile! Lea has deep experience of devising and delivering interesting, engaging and innovative ways of making design a relevant and exciting part of learning in schools.

Amy Bicknell
Communications lead

Amy is a communications and event programmes expert. She joined Fixperts to usher a new era of getting our act together as the project grows up and scales to reach more young people and school children. 

Maya Alvarado
Fixperts facilitator

Maya's grown with us as an organisation. She first did Fixperts as a product design student, then became the first Fixpert-in-residence at Benchmark Furniture and now brings all that experience to facilitating Fixperts in universities and schools.

Koby Barhad
Voluntary advisor (visual communications)

Koby is an adventerous communication designer. He's been with us for a few years and critical to helping Fixperts engage people and share on their work in a delightful way. 

Kerensa Purvis
Volunteer (project management)

Kerensa volunteered with Fixperts in the early stages and for a long time, she coordinating events, awards and generally helped make things happen. 

Jim Rhodes
Voluntary advisor (digital)

Jim is an inventor + interactive designer + web developer. Together with Koby he designed and made the previous websites of Fixperts. 

Zofia Stepniak
Volunteer (workshop assistant)

Zofia supports Fixperts facilitators in pop ups and workshops. She is a design student interested in social impact and learning environments. 

James Carrigan

James co-founded Fixperts with Daniel in 2012 and his energy and drive in the pilot and launch stages were key to the dynamic character of the project. He is our greatest conspirator and relentless ambassador. James is cofounder of the wonderful Sugru.

Ingenious, practical, inspiring and generous advisors

Alon Meron, Freddie Yauner, Lara Miranda Muchin, Nat Hunter, Rebecca Davies, Ruby Steel and Sally Spurring 


Charley Pothecary, Jake Rich, Joe Sanchez, Lucy Barouillet, Yariv Ziv 

Super important early stage collaborators

Institute of Imagination

Stanley Picker Gallery 

Machines Room 

Team you
Happy to help

Fixperts is reliant on brilliant volunteers joining the team.

If you want to get involved email us at [email protected], and tell us a bit about yourself, what you can do and what you'd like to help with.

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Fixperts is dedicated to Ami Drach


An inventive maker, Professor Ami Drach exemplified the social, technical and creative values that this project is all about. Always ready to apply his ingenuity to improvise and fix things, his unparalleled openness, kindness and generosity brought a deep empathy to every interaction.

See some of Ami's work